Meet Executive Chef

Yashica Oliver 

Executive Chef, Yashica Oliver attended Portland Oregon’s, Western Culinary Institute where she trained as a Cordon Bleu Culinary Chef.

Throughout her childhood, Yashica’s favorite room in the home has always been the kitchen. This is where her love of baking and cooking became an obsession.

In her own words: “The reason I became a chef was so I could make croissants”, she says laughingly. “I read a book that featured a character that baked croissants to perfection, and this character happened to attend the Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. So, I thought to myself, I could do that….” And, she did!!!

All these years later, Yashica is doing a lot more than baking croissants! Not only did Yashica master her pastry skills, but she has mastered a variety of Worldwide favorite entrees, and now she brings them to you. Mattina’s has become a favorite spot for locals and travelers alike.